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Business Processes and Practices 
Uniform ElectronicTransactions Act
Uniform Law Commission, August 1999
Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
Uniform Law Commission, August 2004
Recording Electronic Images on Roll Microfilm, A Best Practices White Paper
July 2007
As electronic imaging technology has replaced microfilm systems, new methods of recording images on microfilm have emerged.
Access to and Sale of Records in Bulk
Bulk Records Access Work Group, March 2011
This paper exams the history and practices of providing access to, and the sale in bulk of, land records in the United States. Land records are considered a sub-set of public records.
GIS and Land Records Integration Facts
GIS Work Group, March 2011
Facts about integrating land records and GIS
Disaster Preparedness: An Imperative for Good Governance
April 2011
Chapter Two: Source Document Microfilming
Notary Acknowledgement Expectations (by state)
June 2011
Chart of state notary acknowledgement expectations published in 2011.
Notary Best Practices
Notary Taskforce, March 2012
Notary Best Practices for Recordable Documents "best practices" described in this paper are for notaries who handle recordable documents and for commissioning authorities who appoint, oversee and discipline notaries. PRIA also strongly encourages statutory support of notarial principles and practices that ensure the integrity of the real property conveyance process.
Film and Digital Imaging Standards
May 2012
The standards are listed in separate tabs. Click on each to see: the standard number, a brief description, the URL where they can be purchased, and the last date checked for a revision date.
Recording Jurisdiction Identifiers
Uniform Numbering Work Group, October 2012
eNotes Are Legal
ESRA, ALTA and MISMO, April 2014
URPERA State-by-State Guide
Real Property Law and Legal Issues Committee, March 2015
Best Practices for Certifying Copies for Land Records
Certified Copies Work Group, March 2016
A set of Best Practices for Certifying Copies for Land Records.
Microfilm for Land Records
November 2016
Chart of states and microfilm practices
Sample Chart A - Determining Predictable Recording Fees
January 2017
An excel spreadsheet (A) to gather data for analyzing the effects of predictable recording fees.
Sample Chart B - Determining Predictable Recording Fees
January 2017
An excel spreadsheet (B) to gather data for analyzing the effects of predictable recording fees.
The History and Evolution of Land Records Preservation
Electronic Records Preservation Work Group, August 2017
Technology Fund Fees
April 2018
Updated 04/07/2018
Are Land Records Permanent
August 2018
Chart of all 50 states and the statutes referencing permanent status of land records.
PIN Requirement Survey
January 2019
RJID Numbers by Jurisdiction
RJID Code, Recording Jurisdictions, Codes, April 2020
GIS Toolkit - How To Get Started
GIS Work Group, October 2020
Electronic Notary: How Does It Impact Recording?
Interstate Notarization Work Group, October 2020
Record Shielding Frequently Asked Questions
ALTA and PRIA, February 2021
A joint publication of ALTA and PRIA.
Judicial Security and Privacy Act of 2020
ALTA and PRIA, February 2021
A joint publication of ALTA and PRIA.
Information Shielding Best Practices
February 2021
A joint publication of ALTA and PRIA.
Redaction Best Practices
February 2022
Governance Documents 
PRIA Style Guide
December 2014
Project Request Form
May 2019
This document can be used to submit an idea for a new work project to the Board of Directors.
October 2019
PRIA Glossary
February 2022

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